Robbing a bank is as simple as putting pen to paper. Here are actual demand notes used in successful and unsuccessful unarmed bank robberies - - accompanied by a photo of each robber and appended with details about the robbery itself.

= a successful robbery

= an unsuccessful robbery

Compiled by Ken Habarta

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7 January 13

Act normal, give me $4,000.
Don’t be a hero.
Your job will fire you if you don’t cooperate.
Hurry up.

male, 30s, Capital One Bank, Jersey City NJ, $4000

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6 January 13

This is a theft, $100s only
Hurry No Bait

male, 24, TCF Bank, Edina MN, $40

** suspect took $40 and went to see movie nearby; arrested at theater

5 January 13

Give me your cash, I have a gun.

female, 42, PNC Bank, Westwood OH, 4:55p

** suspect arrested 2 weeks later; getaway car ID’d

4 January 13

I have a gun and nothing to lose.
100’s, 50’s, 20’s. Both drawers.
Any dye packs or funny money
I’ll be back in.

male, 28, Chase Bank, Fort Wayne IN, 3:19p

** suspect left without money; arrested 2 weeks later

24 September 12
23 September 12

I have a gun,
put all money in an envelope,
no dye packs, no alarms,
no one will get hurt.

male, 25, Sovereign Bank, Radnor PA, 1:34p

** caught 3 days later

22 September 12

It’s a robbery
give me all your money
no dye pack

male, 42, TD Bank, Boynton Beach FL, $2164

** arrested on separate charge in MA

21 September 12

give me the money
or I will kill you today

female, 47, Capital One Bank, Harvey LA, 3:42pm

20 September 12

10 seconds.
Put all your money in the bag now.
No one gets hurt.

male, 52, Commerce Bank, Lebanon MO, $2350

** picked up at the local bus station

19 September 12

This is a hold-up,
all your money,
no dye packs.

male, 41, Huntington Bank, Chippewa PA, $2585

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